Popularly Vended
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Elder Branch97,607 times
HE Bubble Gum96,601 times
Blue Herb96,057 times
Poison Bottle94,713 times
Raydric Card94,613 times
Pantie94,298 times
Archer Skeleton Card93,695 times
Speed Potion91,229 times
Thorn Staff of Darkness89,524 times
Soldier Skeleton Card88,789 times
Morrigane's Helm87,695 times
Safe to 7 Body Armor Certificate87,662 times
Token of Siegfried Box86,606 times
Blank Card85,715 times
Hydra Card85,698 times
Coagulated Spell84,182 times
Light Of Cure83,604 times
Bottle Grenade80,248 times
Costume Tarnished Lamp79,154 times
Safe to 7 Headgear Certificate78,968 times
Romantic Leaf78,413 times
Fabric78,253 times
Electric Fist [3]78,150 times
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