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58 days ago - Prontera 119, 103 - Dhana.
x1+9 White Wing Suits of Wild Cat [1]100,000,000z0z
x1Advanced Ring Of Resonance90,000,000z
x1Thieve's Guide Vol 1 [1]24,000,000z0z
x1Aqua Valkyrian Armor [1]20,000,000z
x1Sheep Hat25,000,000z
x1Unknown 2073025,000,000z
x1Unknown #2079915,000,000z
x1Handkerchief In Mouth20,000,000z
x1Unknown #1516920,000,000z
x1Pantie of Ares [1]10,000,000z
x1Hiding Ur's Seal [1]10,000,000z
x1Teleport Ur's Seal [1]10,000,000z

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