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132 days ago - Prontera 106, 76 - Vennesa
x1+12 Thorn Staff of Darkness750,000,000z
x1+12 Erde [2]250,000,000z
x1Big CrossBow [2]200,000,000z
x1+7 Infiltrator [1]100,000,000z
x1+10 Crimson Sabre [2]100,000,000z
x1Nab's Cloth [1]100,000,000z
x1Nab's Cloth [1]50,000,000z
x1+4 Inverse Scale50,000,000z
x1+4 Tae Goo Lyeon [2]50,000,000z
x1Temporal Luk Boots20,000,000z
x1Pendant Of Chaos15,000,000z
x1Pendant Of Chaos15,000,000z

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