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163 days ago - Prontera 130, 79 - z e d i c s
x1+4 Power Of Thor [1]35,000,000z
x1Can Hat5,000,000z
x1Loki Assassin Mask50,000,000z
x1Evolved Pipe10,000,000z
x1+4 Sweet Valentine10,000,000z
x1Heart Eyepatch10,000,000z
x1Scooter Hat [1]5,000,000z
x1Wings Of Victory20,000,000z
x1Indian Feather Headband [1]10,000,000z
x1Evolved Pair of Red Ribbon10,000,000z
x1Unknown 311975,000,000z
x1White Phoenix Hair20,000,000z

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