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101 days ago - Prontera 155, 124 - LVTHN
x1Bellum Glaive700,000z
x1Unknown #219665,000,000z
x1Old Card Album3,600,000z
x1Prize Of Hero10,000,000z
x2Girl Doll25,000,000z

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5 days agoIsidro: hey guys, which RO does this take reference to? I'm playing on extreme RO, would that be somewhat similar
4 days agoElta: costume
3 days agoPansy: 8=D~>-|o vs o|-<~0=8
3 days agoCasie: how much will it sell. anyone know. i have a 1 slot angelic guard.
23 hours agoMarisol: how is sell is strawberry
14 hours agoIsabell: anyone got a nightmare ancient mummy card for sale ?
6 hours agoDarnell: sea captain